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Propane Tank Installation and Service

Smucker Propane has the experience of managing and constructing propane systems from a small tank install to a large multi-tank system. We service the equipment that we install and provide a complete full service plan to fill and service your above ground or underground tanks, regulators, gas lines, and equipment. Contact Smucker Propane to sign up with our full service plan.

If your old propane appliances are reaching the end of their life span, you can greatly benefit from an upgrade to the latest propane equipment. You can count on us for a fair and competitive propane installation cost. 

Propane technology has come a long way, offering greater value per dollar than ever before. By replacing your propane equipment with modern models, you'll can save money and elevate your home comfort. All of our sales and technical staff members are fully trained in assessing your equipment needs based upon family and home size, as well as activity levels. We are all also well informed about today's best equipment and any current manufacturer or company discounts available. Upon narrowing down your choices to the one that best suits your needs and budget, we can also help you look into any financing you might need. Once your new unit arrives at our office, we will schedule a convenient time to bring it into your home, disconnect the old system and properly install your new equipment. So whatever propane equipment you need upgraded and installed, contact us or call our office for affordable, effective sales and service today. Our propane services include maintenance and repair. If any of your propane appliances stops working, makes unusual noises, or causes you concern in any other way, call on the experts at Smucker Propane to set things right again. Our certified propane technicians take pride in finding the solution to any propane problem and in keeping your propane equipment running efficiently and safely. With industry certifications across a wide range of propane-related specialties and systems, they know how to keep you comfortable and safe all year long. Should your equipment be beyond repair, our installation manager can develop an estimate with you during that visit so you can begin the replacement and installation process. In fact, we can even help you start looking into financing. Preventive maintenance, however, is the number one way to extend the life of your home's appliances. We encourage you to request a service visit with our equipment experts, who will test, assess and clean the parts of your propane system. They are trained to maintain and fix all major brands, including those we do not sell ourselves. This will help ensure that your appliances will operate safely and efficiently. To make things easier and save you money on repairs, we offer service plans for your propane appliances. Contact us to learn more.

Our trained and certified professionals can help you utilize the benefits of high effective propane gas in your home.  The most important part of beginning to utilize the cost saving fuel is a proper installation.  From running lines, placing tanks, and lighting the pilot, a professional installation is essential for safe use.In order to save money and run the most efficient propane gas appliances and heating units, maintenance is essential.  Our trained professionals do annual maintenance to ensure that you are using your fuel in the most effective manner, and safely.

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